Industrial Mining Trailers

Our Mining Trailers are blue label products, suiting those wanting the very best.

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Industrial Plant Trailers

Our Plant Trailers are of exceptional quality. We have continually refined our design to maximise safety and performance.

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Industrial Generator Trailers

We’ve provided Australia’s highest quality generator trailers to agriculture, healthcare, education & mining clients for over fifty years.

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Industrial Tipping Trailers

FELK manufacture reliable tipping trailers with robust 1.6mm flooring to last decades of earthmoving and heavy duty use. Includes a three year warranty.

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Industrial Pump Trailers

FELK manufacture robust pump trailers that can be fitted to an array of different pumps and sizes. Includes a three year warranty.

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side of felk generator trailer with no payload

Industrial Scissor Lift Trailers

FELK manufacture ramp accessed scissor lift trailers suitable for professional use.

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Industrial Flatbed Trailers

FELK manufacture flatbed trailers professional use, these can be heavily customised.

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Industrial Skip Bin Trailers

FELK provide skip bin waste trailers with interchangeable bins and a hydraulic ram.

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Industrial Gas Bottle Holder Trailers

We engineer high quality gas bottle holder trailers for industrial clients.

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Industrial Container Trailers

We engineer superb container trailers.

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Industrial Trailer FAQ

  • My trailer will also need other features, such as refrigeration or pumps. Are you able to collaborate with other companies to achieve the desired result?


    There have been many times over the years where FELK has collaborated with specialists in other fields to achieve the desired functionality for a client.

    The majority of the time, we don’t order and install parts from other companies (for example, pumps or refrigeration equipment) as this may fall outside our expertise.

    We’d prefer to do the job right the first time, and partner with other professionals to provide our clients with a reliable and safe trailer that lives up to expectations.

    If clients have prospective specialists in mind, then we’re happy to collaborate with them. Alternatively, we are able to identify and engage reputable companies on our client’s behalf.

  • Does your price include on-site training on how to use the trailer?

    Generally not, but we are happy to give a verbal run-through at the customer’s request.

    Our trailers are straightforward to operate and most of our industrial trailers end up on mining sites or hired out. The majority of the time, our clients are already well-versed in trailer operation. Sometimes our clients provide the training to their own staff.

    Once in a while, we receive requests to provide on-site training and user manuals for our industrial trailers. In this event, FELK is more than happy to assist. We’ll simply negotiate this into the quotation.

  • Do you manufacturer the hydraulic mechanisms for skip bin trailers?


    We have partnered with a local professional to provide our hydraulic mechanisms, which include their own warranty.

    These hydraulic mechanisms are very specialised, and contain moving parts.

    We only source the highest quality hydraulics that go hand-in-hand with the quality of FELK trailers. We do not use low end or unreliable suppliers.

    We manufacturer our trailers so that they have compatible running gear/housings for the hydraulic systems to provide a reliable and professional finished product.

  • We require a fleet of trailers that will be used daily for heavy-duty purposes, and will require ongoing servicing. Can we discuss a long term partnership with FELK?

    Yes. FELK manufacturers fleets of industrial trailers that will be used on a daily basis and we strive to maintain these to the highest standard.

    We want to ensure all of our trailers are safe and reliable for our clients and their staff. Our corporate partners place a high level of trust in our product, which is why we continually improve upon our own quality and testing standards.

    If you are considering a fleet order please call us to discuss your long term strategy. We can help you.