What is the performance difference between trailers with one or two axles?

Single axle trailers have 2 wheels, while dual axle trailers have 4 wheels. Single axle trailers can be rated up to 2 tonne GVM (the weight of the trailer + payload). Dual axle trailers rate from 2 tonne GVM and up. Put simply, dual axle trailers allow for a greater carrying capacity, and improvement in payload stability. Before purchasing a trailer, we recommend you work with a trailer specialist or engineer to calculate your current and future requirements.

What is the performance difference between mechanical disc brakes and electric hydraulic brakes?

Mechanical disc brakes are used on trailers under 2 tonne GVM and are very efficient at this weight capacity. These brakes work off inertia. When you brake, the trailer pushes against the towbar on the back of the vehicle, which pushes against the coupling handbrake. The harder you brake the harder the trailer brakes; they work in unison.

Current Australian law requires electric hydraulic brakes for boat trailers over 2 tonne GVM. These braking systems are designed for heavier loads, and are controlled from inside the towing vehicle. They can be adjusted to suit road conditions and payload variations by the turn of a dial on a brake control unit, located inside the tow vehicle cab.

Can I re-galvanise an old trailer?

Generally no, as impurities inside inaccessible cavities can cause “blowouts” in the hot dipped galvanising process. This is a W H & S issue for the galvanisers and therefore generally refused.

If your trailer requires re-galvanising, please contact a galvaniser directly. If approved by the galvanisers, we can assist in the strip down and rebuild process.

Do you sell second-hand trailers?


Are you open on the weekend or public holidays?

No and no. We like to go fishing and play golf like everyone else does.

Do you hire trailers out?


How long does it take you to build a trailer from the ground up?

This purely depends on the size and complexity of the job, however generally six weeks if it is hot dipped galvanised.

What should I do if I notice rust?

Bring it in and our engineers will assess it for you.

What rim stud pattern are the wheels on a FELK?

That varies depending on the GVM requirement.

10” rims = multi-fit (Ford, Holden HT)
13” rims = multi-fit (Ford, Holden HT)
14″ rims = Ford
15″ rims = Land-cruiser 6 Stud