FELKS Perform VSCCS Certifications for Trailers & Caravans, Not Cars or Other Vehicles

The Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) is a scheme that the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have created to manage modified vehicles and trailers that require assessment and certification by someone who is accredited with the VSCCS program.

An accredited VSCCS certifier will possess the technical knowledge, competency and skills to understand if a trailer is compliant with the relevant Australian Design Rule (ADR), as well as the state legislature relating to the scope of works on the vehicle.

Those who are accredited with the scheme act as representatives for the RMS to certify non-standard trailers.

Caleb Felk obtained his Accredited VSCCS License Certification in June 2019. Caleb is licensed to certify trailers that are under 4.5-tonne GVM. Please contact FELK Engineering to book this service to confirm Caleb Felk is available.

Important Notes

  • Everything on your trailer or caravan must be load rated for the desired GVM you are trying to achieve. I.e. Axles, springs, tyres, safety chains etc.
  • Get a weigh bridge ticket for your trailer or caravan as if you were travelling on holiday, do not empty the contents before getting it weighed.
  • Bring in your weigh bridge ticket (less than 2 weeks old), registration papers, trailer or caravan and any information you may think will help our certifier with the assessment: For example, Print outs showing the load ratings for the independent suspension.
  • Call a day before to confirm our certifier will be in when you intend on coming into us.

Chart Ratings Explained

Pricing for VSCCS Certification

$495 including GST.

When Does a Trailer Require VSCCS Certification?

As above, the VSCCS scheme regulates vehicles, trailers and their modifications to ensure they are compliant with ADR standards.

The trailer types include:

  • Caravans
  • Campers
  • Horse floats
  • Boat trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Custom and industrial trailers

There are many types of trailer modifications, the most common type of modification that would require VSCCS certification is Gross Vehicle Mass upgrades.

People may also require a VSCCS if they are modifying their trailer chassis or altering the trailers designed purpose in some way.

As an example, a person may wish to upgrade the carrying capacity of a trailer from 1,000kg to 2000kg, so they would engage a trailer engineer to perform the GVM upgrade modification. Afterwards, a VSCCS certifier would ensure the trailer is ADR compliant, then update the RMS online system to reflect the new GVM rating.

A VSCCS certification may also be required if a trailer has been defected by law enforcement or requires recertification.


Booking is essential, please phone our office on (02) 4954 6955. We will ensure Caleb Felk is available at the proposed date and time. We should be fine to book you in within a few days.

Please remember to bring your license and registration papers for the respective trailer.

Note, we cannot provide certification for cars or other vehicles, we can only certify trailers. If you are looking for a car certifier, use the RMS search tool here.

Our Inspections are performed at 54 MEDCALF STREET, WARNERS BAY, NSW 2282.

The start of the process involves taking photos of the trailer and its componentry. We will also perform an identification check.

Caleb Felk will assess the trailer to identify if it is ADR compliant. Safety is our priority.

If the trailer is compliant, we will update the trailer using the RMS online portal and print a physical certificate which will be issued to the client. The update is instantaneous.

The VSCCS process will take approximately 30-60 minutes. We will document the work that has been performed.

Please keep your VSCCS certificate with you at all times whilst towing the trailer or caravan in question, to present to law enforcement if required.

In the Event a Trailer Fails the VSCCS

There will need to be a discussion about what is required to make it pass.

For example, a person may have obtained a GVM upgrade but the springs and coupling are non compliant, so this componentry would need to be upgraded before Caleb can issue a compliance certificate.

FELK Engineering can assist you with all works for the trailer upgrade if you do not wish to do this work yourself. Please browse our repairs and modification services.