FELK Trailer Modifications

FELK Engineering has been performing modifications for all trailer types for over 50 years. As trailer owners change lifestyles, careers, industries or hobbies, they often require modifications of their trailer to accommodate their new requirements.

Please note, if you are a new purchaser, we are happy to show you a list of common modifications. Our customers often own our trailers for 15+ years, being aware of possible modifications will help you future proof the purchase.

We can perform the following trailer modifications:

Modification Gallery

Trailer Modification FAQ

  • Will my trailer be roadworthy after the modification?


    After trailer modifications our priority is to ensure the trailer is in roadworthy condition, and compliant with the current Australian Design Rule (ADR) standards.

    Our engineers will not carry out any modifications to a trailer if it cannot be ADR compliant.

  • How long does the average modification take?

    Depending on the requirements, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 weeks.

    The majority of the time, we have all the spare parts or materials in stock and can perform the modification within a couple of days.

    Occasionally, we may need to order special items from our suppliers, or possibly send items to galvanisers which is a 2-3 week process once they receive the item.

  • Do you provide a warranty on the modification?


    There is a 12 month warranty period on the modification.

    We aim to over-engineer our modifications. Warranty claims for trailer modifications are very rare.

    We stand by our work and have no issues providing a warranty on our workmanship.

  • Do you provide on-site modifications of trailers for industrial and mining clients?

    No. We require access to our tools and machinery in our factory/workshop.

    Additionally, FELK Engineering is team-based and our technicians need to collaborate with our engineers on a regular basis.

  • Do you modify non-FELK trailers?

    Yes, if the trailer is under 4.5 tonne GVM.