FELK Beach Retrieval Drawbar

A beach retrieval drawbar (BRD) is a modification option to a boat trailer, which allows the boat to launch better in non-traditional type settings, such as into the surf, rivers, creeks, or anywhere without a normal boat ramp.

It is a modification possible on both new builds, as well as retrofitted to second-hand trailers (both FELK and non-FELK models). We use Australian hot-dipped galvanized steel to manufacture the BRD, and then U-bolt it to existing builds.

The BRD adds substantial length to a traditional drawbar (figures below), allowing users more separation between tow vehicle and trailer, which typically translates into safer launches, such as reducing the risk of the vehicle being bogged into the water when the driver is reversing near soft sand.

The BRD has a hinged mechanism allowing it to fold approx 180 degrees back to the side of the trailer, restoring the trailer to its original length for storage & towing purposes. The BRD can only be used in a fixed position.

It is a removable modification and is not welded to the original chassis.

Estimated Beach Retrieval Drawbar Increases

Please note – the length of the drawbar can vary to suit the trailer. Please contact FELKS office to book an inspection for determining the feasibility of your trailer for a BRD.

1.5m 3.8m (12′) $895
1.5m 4.1m (13′) $895
1.5m 4.7m (14-15′) $995
1.5m 5.3m (16-17′) $995
1.5m 5.8m (18′) $1,195
1.5m 6.1m (19′) $1,195
1.5m 7m (21′) $1,995
1.5m 7.9m (25′) $1,995

All prices quoted are including gst and are subject to change without notice

Beach Retrieval Drawbar Modification Process

If you are considering a BRD upgrade, please contact us to book it in.

Our engineers will look over the trailer to ensure it is compatible for the drawbar modification, and it is an appropriate long term option for your requirements. If the build isn’t ideal, we’ll discuss alternative avenues.

In the average case, BRD upgrades are performed in a matter of 2-5 business days. However, depending on currents orders and if parts are required from the galvaniser, this could add a decent lead time to the project. The best option is to contact us for the current lead time.

FELKS are Specialists in Modifying Trailers

  • We are an Australian company
  • We use quality components throughout our entire process
  • We provide a good warranty on our modifications
  • We provide VSCCS certifications in-house


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