FELK Engineering offers a number of services for the convenience of their customers.


As an authorised RMS repair station, we service and repair all types of trailers. Whether your trailer is a box, boat, plant, custom, car, horse float, camper trailer or caravan chassis; if it is a trailer, we can repair it.

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We have a comprehensive range of parts available to suit all of our trailers and most other brand trailers. Combining new parts and an annual service on your trailer may prevent an untimely breakdown, and may also save you unforeseen expensive repairs.

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FELK Engineering is an RMS E-Safety Inspection Station. We can inspect your trailer, and if necessary, repair any faults that may be required to bring the trailer up to RMS Road safety standards. After a successful inspection we will then issue an inspection report (previously known as a pink slip) online ready for your registration renewal.

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If your trailer needs modifying we can perform the work to current RMS and Australian standards, in preparation for blue or brown slip inspection. We specialise in alterations and adjustments, for example, adding brakes, changing from skids to multi rollers or modifying existing trailers to suit your current needs.

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Insurance Quotes

If you have been involved in an accident with your trailer. It is likely you will require a trailer insurance quote. We provide these quotes for a fixed fee and can perform the necessary repairs for you.

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Trailer VSCCS Certification

Caleb Felk is a fully licensed VSCCS Engineer accredited with the RMS

Caleb Felk is an accredited trailer VSCCS Certifier with the RMS. He is able to perform VSCCS Certifications for trailers that undergo modifications, such as GVM upgrades and update this on the RMS portal.

Learn more about trailer VSCCS certification here.

Registrations (new trailers)

Registration may be completed in-house with the purchase of your new FELK trailer, saving you valuable time and the inconvenience of the RMS registration process. The registration paperwork is completed in a matter of minutes and you will leave with a number plate and full registration paperwork.

Trailer Service FAQ

  • What’s your process for trailer servicing?

    Simply bring your trailer in when suitable and leave it with us. There’s no need to book it in. We’ll perform an assessment and the necessary servicing.

    We appreciate some clients may use their trailer for work purposes, in this instance, we will prioritise the servicing for you.

    Annual servicing is a general check over, namely:

    • The coupling (greased and functioning correctly)
    • Turnbuckle kit
    • Bearings
    • Springs
    • Axles
    • Tires
    • Flooring
    • Lighting and wiring


    If any items require repair, we will highlight these issues to you and provide you with an estimated cost to resolve them. No repair work will be performed without authorisation of the client.

  • What are the most common problems with trailers?

    Firstly bearings, lights, springs, tires and D shackles.

  • Do you offer fixed price servicing?

    No. We work at an hourly rate plus the cost of materials. No more, no less.

  • How do I know what servicing work you’ve actually performed?

    Everything will be itemised on the tax invoice. Our technicians will also get in touch with you to explain everything comprehensively.

    A visual inspection should reveal all works except bearings, which is an internal repair and not visible.