FELK have a comprehensive range of parts available to suit all of our trailers and most other brand trailers. An annual service on your trailer may prevent an untimely breakdown, and may also save you unforeseen expensive repairs. Please book your trailer in for an annual service with our friendly staff.

Parts for non-Felk trailers

Felk Engineering provide parts for non-felk trailers too. This is a common request because:

A number of manufacturers in the trailer industry have closed – leaving a decent number of discontinued trailers on the road. Owners still require parts and servicing on their trailer.

Additionally some existing trailer manufacturers simply do not offer parts, custom parts or the modification service required to install the parts so, some customers prefer to visit us for a comprehensive service.

Felk Engineering has purchased the inventory of quality parts from trailer companies that have closed down. Our parts inventory is quite substantial!

If you own a non-felk trailer, there’s every chance you can contact our office and organise a parts order for your trailer. We ship our parts nationally with express freight and locals of Newcastle can visit our workshop to have them installed.

Custom parts

Felk offer custom trailer parts for unique scenarios to achieve a specific purpose.

We usually perform this on trailers that have already been manufactured. If you have an idea, our engineers will work with you to design a solution that is suitable.

Contact us for an obligation free chat.