Adding a cage to a trailer

Felk Engineering Pty Ltd performs modifications on box trailers to add a cage. Our cages are made from galvanised steel and are 800mm high, these are bolted on and are removable.

Default Cage Solution

Adding a cage is a highly functional modification that allows an owner more supported space. So cages are helpful for any situation where someone is carrying physically large items such as

  • Carrying green waste
  • Carrying large items, such as fridges or couches
  • Carrying firewood


What goes into a Felk Trailer Cage

Our cages are made using quality, Australian galvanised steel:

This hot-dipping galvanising process strengthens the steel and protects against corrosion, resulting in a higher quality and more durable product.

Default Cage Solution

Easy loading & unloading due to our well designed openable rear panel:

More than just a gate, the purpose-built free-moving rear panel is designed to allow a full range of movement – up to 270° – so that you can completely open the rear panel and ensure easy access into your cage. This feature makes loading and unloading of your Felk trailer cage easy and quick.

We also offer custom cages with a roof

We also offer custom cages with a roof

Felk trailer cages are professionally fitted, secured & removable

We ensure that the trailer cage is professionally and safely fitted. Each trailer cage is secured with two metal posts + two heavy-duty bolts. You can also add a lock to further secure your precious cargo. Should you want to temporarily remove your trailer cage, you can do so by unscrewing the two bolts. Our professional team can show you where to locate these bolts when your cage is installed.

Custom Cage Solution

The addition of canopy bows can help protect the trailer and its contents:

At Felk, our trailer cages are compatible with canvas bows – or rods – that run from one side of the cage to the other. This means you can easily protect your load from wind, dust and water with the canvas cover. The canopy bows facilitate water being able to run off the trailer (much like it would off a pitched roof), preventing water from pooling on top. This is one of our more popular additions to the standard Felk trailer cages. (Note: canvas covers to be sourced separately).

Felk Camper trailer

Custom Camper Trailer Storage

Felk trailer cages come in an extensive range of sizes starting with 6 x 4 and moving through to the more common 7 x 4 or 7 x 5. Our larger options include the 8 x 5, 9 x 5 and 10 x 6. Our trailer cages can be fitted to new or existing trailers, and we are happy to fit Felk trailer cages to non-Felk trailers too.

The addition of a Felk trailer cage gives increased functionality as well as peace of mind when it comes to safely transport goods. For expert advice on the right trailer cage to suit your build, get in touch with FELKS!