We upgrade GVM ratings for trailers & caravans

GVM stands for Gross Vehicle Mass. The GVM rating is comprised of the weight of the trailer and the maximum load it is capable of supporting.

For example, if a trailer is rated to 750kg GVM and the trailer weight is 250kg, then you could place a 500 kg load onto that trailer, which will give you the total of 750 GVM.

If you are exceeding your GVM, your trailer is illegal on road and you will require an upgrade. Keep in mind if you exceed your GVM and are involved in an accident whether you are at fault or not, your insurer will not cover the damage for either party be it CTP, Third Party or Comprehensive Insurance.

Felk Engineering performs suspension, brake & chassis upgrades on trailers to increase the GVM rating. This is particularly helpful for people who already own a trailer, as a GVM upgrade can be a more economical solution over buying a new trailer, and or, losing your house and car to an insurance claim!

GVM upgrades are possible on all types of light trailers, whether it be a box, boat, custom or an industrial trailer. Our GVM upgrades are performed to achieve a GVM of up to 4.5 tonne, anything above this is capacity outside of our specialty.

All our GVM upgrades are performed to the highest of standards and leave the workshop 100% RMS compliant.

Please note. You should contact your insurer after the upgrade has been performed to ensure your policy reflects the changes!

Estimated GVM Increases

The final GVM rating obtained will be dependent on your current trailer. The figures below are approximates of a typical GVM upgrade.

Trailer Original GVM After Modification GVM
750kg 1400kg
1400kg 2000kg
2000kg 3500kg
3500kg 4500kg

GVM Upgrade Process

If you are considering a GVM upgrade, please phone our office to book it in. Our engineers will look over the trailer to ensure it is compatible for a GVM upgrade and that it is going to be a viable long term solution for you. If the trailer is not suitable (i.e. chassis rust) we will provide you with alternative options.

If the trailer is compatible, we will provide you with a quote for the modification.

GVM upgrade involves a complete upgrade of the componentry to allow a greater carrying capacity, which is generally:

  • Upgrading springs
  • Upgrading axles
  • Upgrading tyres
  • Upgrading coupling
  • And brakes

In a typical scenario, GVM upgrades are performed in a matter of 3-5 days however this could take up to 4 weeks, depending on the parts required and jobs in front of you.

GVM Upgrades FAQ

What parts do you use for GVM upgrades? 

Felk has a large inventory of parts. These have been purchased from reliable manufacturers that have performed their own testing process to test load capacity.

The whole idea is to select parts with a load capacity that exceeds the prospective GVM rating of the trailer.

Does increasing my GVM rating affect registration cost?


GVM ratings also change the TARE ratings.

The heavier the trailer, the more expensive it is during registration. The price differences can be calculated using the myRego Calculate Registration Cost system listed below.


The price differences are not huge, but should be considered. The same would go for changing insurances.

When I get my caravan weighed as part of the VSCCS compliance, am I better off emptying out as much of the contents inside my caravan to make it weigh less on paper?

No, what we are trying to achieve is an accurate and realistic “roadside” towing weight to ensure safety and compliance. It needs to be a true reflection of what the weight would be should you be directed “on the spot” by a RMS inspector to take your caravan over their “portable” roadside weighing scales.

Felks provides GVM upgrades for clients throughout NSW

  • We are a specialist that has been around for a long time
  • We source high quality, certified parts to withstand the load capacity
  • We provide a good warranty on our modifications
  • We provide VSCCS certifications in-house