FELK Flatbed Trailers

FELK is the leading manufacturer of industrial & domestic flatbed trailers in New South Wales. We have been engineering this type of trailer since our inception in the 1960s.

As the name would suggest, flatbed trailers are characterised by a flat bed of metal on top of a trailer chassis and running gear. This allows for the widest trailer possible. These are commonly used by people carrying pallets, farm equipment, furniture, hay, industrial products and other wide loads. For those who want to maximise their horizontal space, flatbed trailers are the best way to go.

Working from our Warners Bay factory in Lake Macquarie, we’ve worked with thousands of customers over the past 50 years.

Our business is still family-owned and run, and services Newcastle, the Hunter Region and New South Wales with bespoke designs and custom flatbeds that are suitable for heavy-duty, industrial applications. Our models go up to 4.5-tonne GVM.

We have invested thousands of hours in developing our heavy duty trailer products in our workshop to ensure every FELK trailer that leaves our warehouse is of the highest quality. Our trailers are manufactured to Australian standards, to suit Australian road conditions, and are RMS certified. Our customers range from industry, government to the general public.

Flatbed Trailer Ramp Options

Our flatbed trailers are available with ramps for roll on products. These are available in two specifications:

  1. Fixed at the rear. Fixed ramps are located at the rear of the trailer and are connected using a hinge. When not in use, these stand vertically at 90 degrees from the trailer bed and are locked using a heavy-duty latch. These simply tilt down to meet the ground, allowing operators the ability to load their products onto the trailer. These are fixed by a metal bar to prevent the ramps from moving around. Heavier ramps would be gas strut assisted for operator safety & ease. A gas strut will reduce a 30kg ramp to 5kg on the lift.
  2. Slide underneath the flatbed. This is similar in nature to traditional car-float trailers. The ramps are physically stored underneath the bed of the trailer. The operator would slide them out from under the tray and lock them into position. People who are carrying long payloads or require forklift loading from the rear would opt for option #2 Slide underneath the flatbed to achieve maximum front-to-back space plus accessibility.

9' by 5' Felk flatbed box trailer with side panels down

Why Choose FELK Trailers?

We are a one-stop trailer shop

Our journey with our customers doesn’t end when a trailer leaves our store. We offer a full range of services, including parts, inspections,modifications and servicing. Registration can be completed in-house, and we offer boat to trailer fitting as an additional service to ensure maximum safe performance. These are just some ways to assist our customers and make the experience as easy as possible.

Quality you can count on

We only use Australian steel to make our heavy duty hot dipped galvanised trailers. This means we can guarantee an extended life span for all our products. Our products come with a three year back to base warranty. Our trailers are fully ADR compliant.

Designed to last decades, not years

Our engineers and product development team have tested our trailers in every extreme condition and adapted our designs to ensure they can withstand the elements they’re exposed to, and are durable. We understand Australian conditions and Australian roads. Our trailers are built to last.

We’re a family business

Three generations work together from FELK HQ to ensure all our customers get a top-quality product, excellent service and ongoing support from our team. Our technicians are happy to help clients troubleshoot problems. We are fully licensed and insured.

Flatbed Trailer Pricing

Starting price is $7,700 excluding on road costs for a “Tandem axle 8’ X 5’ foot, 2000KG GVM- Hot dipped galvanized”

Note the following options:

Upgrade to 3.5 tonne GVM + $2,200

Upgrade to 4.5 tonne GVM (Tri-axle) + $7,150

Drop down sides (Up to 10’) + $1,320

Headboard (Front) + $935

Headboard (Rear) + $935

Changes to the size (Per foot) + $470

*Prices are indicative and exclude on road costs.

Please contact our office should you have any questions/queries.

Flatbed Trailer FAQ

  • What is the most common GVM size of flatbed trailer FELKS sell?

    The most common size would be 3 tonne GVM.

    This is because most tow vehicles typically do not have the capacity to carry our 3.5 and 4.5 tonne variants, which are mostly towed by heavy industries.

    3 – 3.5 tonne is the sweet spot because it allows the haulage of quite big payloads without being excessive for most peoples requirements.

  • Do your flatbed trailers come with a winch?

    This is not a default inclusion, however, it is an optional modification. Not everyone requires a winch.

    There is the option of either a power or manual winch. Manual winches are less expensive, however are more time consuming and labour intensive.

  • I plan to carry cars. Should I get a flatbed trailer or a car float?

    You should get a car-float trailer, which is also a trailer type FELKS manufacture and sells.

    Primarily, the only difference between the flatbed and a car float is the position of the wheels. So, in a flatbed, the wheels are 100% underneath the tray. In a car float, the wheel arches would come up alongside the tray of the trailer.

    This design change is important because a car float is much lower to the ground, making driving on cars much easier.

  • Do your flatbed trailers come with tie-down points or rails?

    Our flatbed trailers come with rails spanning 270 degrees around the trailer. We prefer using rails over tie-down points to give operators the greatest flexibility.

    There is also the option to include recessed rings on the trailer bed. These rings are connected as close as possible to a crossmember to prevent the floor from being damaged.


FELK Industrial Trailer Experience

FELK produces a comprehensive range of Industrial Trailers. Our engineers have worked hard to provide quality products that offer exceptional customisation and superior performance. Our customers are encouraged to discuss their specific requirements with our team. We are happy to collaborate with other engineers to build solutions that are perfectly suited to their purpose.

For customers considering a fleet order, we assist with a long-term strategy to facilitate ongoing servicing.  Our commitment is to ensure all of our trailers are safe and reliable.

FELK’s vision since we opened in 1968 has been to create the safest and most durable high-performance trailers available in Australia. We provide a warranty to ensure peace of mind for our industrial clients.

Please get in touch and discuss your trailer needs with our friendly team.

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