FELK Mining Trailers 

Felk Engineering provides professional, reliable & safe trailers to the mining sector. We offer mining-specific and industrial trailers that are customised for mining purposes.

Our range of trailers suitable for mining include:

  • Cone hole saver trailers
  • Service trailers
  • Generator trailers
  • Pump trailers
  • Oil spill trailers
  • Emergency spillage cleanup trailers
  • Hydraulic tipping trailers
  • D Shackle trailers

Our solutions for the mining sector are available up to 9.5T GVM. Trailers can be customised to transport a range of different materials such as service equipment, oil & water.

Custom Mining Solutions

When contacted to provide a custom solution for the Mining industry, our engineers work closely with the clients engineers and draftsmen. This collaboration results in achieving an ideal solution.

Example 1 – 

One client asked us to include solar panels to generate power for wireless capabilities (4g, 5g & wifi) and simple SCADA/HMI systems inside a service trailer.

The trailer required a wireless signal because it monitored their onsite trucks, allowing the operator to view the engine temperatures, RPM, pressure etc remotely. The purpose of this project was to automate the maintenance schedules of the trucks.

Example 2 – 

We designed and manufactured oil-catching trailers. These were to be parked under large excavators and receive a dump large quantities of oil.

The trailer design required it to be leak resistant, with adequate drainage and easy to clean.

The WHS officer requested we use a double floor tray to adhere to their environmental policy, so that employees could stand on the upper floor and the oil drained to the second level to avoid slip hazzard.

Solutions such as these contribute to safety, efficiency, productivity and integrity of operations.

Standards of Engineering

Mining clients are usually located in remote locations. As such, FELK Engineering manufactures trailers to be robust and able to perform in the most rugged environments.

We have gained extensive experience over our 50 years in business and have refined our manufacturing process to accommodate the mining industry.

Mining clients often ask “What quality assurance process do these trailers go through?”.

Our trailers are manufactured using high quality, hot dipped galvanized steel. Our steel has already been through thorough QA testing in the Australian steel mills we partner with (inspected by a computer-controlled microscope, which detects deformities in the steel).

After manufacturing, the steel is galvanised according to Australian Standard AS/NZ 4680:2006

Felk Engineers oversee all facets of the manufacturing process for quality assurance.

Our standards of engineering for mining trailers is exceptionally high. For this reason, we have received repeat orders and have had no warranty problems to date. In turn, our relationships with our mining companies are very strong.

Notable Mining Clients

Our current client base consists of key mining clients as indicated below:

  • Theiss
  • Glencore
  • Yancoal
  • Allight Sykes
  • Coates
hydraulic pump and reservoir inside felk tipping trailer

Communication between FELKS & Clients

Mining clients usually require a custom solution. FELKS will discuss these over the phone. It would also be helpful if you can tell us:

  • How many trailers are required
  • When you would like the trailers completed
  • If previous manufacturers trailers have been successful
  • Functional specifications (payload, equipment dimensions, intended use etc)

Our engineering team will review the functional specifications and draft a trailer design that is appropriate. In the mining builds, we are primarily optimising weight distribution and suspension setups.

side of felk generator trailer with no payload

Safety Features on FELK Mining Trailers

The safety features our trailers always correspond with the individual mining companies specifications, as they do vary. We are also able to include additional safety features (at the request of the client), such as:

  • Wiring sealed by conduits
  • Gas struts to minimise lifting
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Reversing warnings & cameras
  • High visibility materials
  • Appropriate labelling
  • Chassis protection

FELK Engineering is also able to conduct manual handling training upon pickup, (how to operate and move safely around the trailer) at the request of the client.

Why choose FELKS for Mining Trailers?

FELK Trailers are blue label products. Our trailers are not the cheapest – for good reason – they are the very best.

  • We have a long history in Australian business
  • We use the highest quality materials
  • Our engineers optimise the design to specifications
  • Our staff are on top of their game


Solidify your company by partnering with FELKS. We are an Australian Engineering company with a focus on compliance with road safety & helping mining clients improve their fleet.

Contact us with any enquiries you may have.

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