FELK Cone Hole Saver Trailers

Cone Hole Saver Trailers are designed to carry the hole savers for blasting systems used on open cut mining sites.

The miners drill holes in the ground, the cones are removed from the trailer, placed upside down into the hole, which stops the upper outer rim of the hole collapsing. The trailer is manufactured to carry approximately 560 of these cones. The cones are typically quite large, approximately 900x400mm, made of moulded plastic and weigh 12kg each. Our trailer can be customised to fit all sizes of cones, but typically the size listed above is the most common.

We have made a large number of these trailers, all working as designed, receiving great feedback plus repeat orders from our clients. We understand the “trust factor” mining clients place in FELKS and we safeguard this trust by manufacturing tailored, functional and safe solutions.

Features on Cone Hole Saver Trailers

As these trailers are used on mining sites, it is not necessary for them to be road-registerable. With that said, we do include many features to improve the safety and operation of these, such as:

  • Lights, indicators, stop lights, flashing emergency lights
  • Mechanical override disc brakes with park brake
  • Dual axle
  • 15 inch all terrain tyres
  • Triple chassis setup
  • Centre chassis (going down the middle – like a ‘spine’) that holds the majority of the weight, working in conjunction with the outer chassis which holds the suspension
  • Standard independent suspension – the ideal solution for correct weight distribution. The cones are loaded/unloaded in all types of orders, independent suspension means that each axle is independent from the others. Independent suspension leads to better balance distribution over rocker-roller setups

Communication During Manufacturing

Felks is a blue-label Australian company committed to manufacturing the highest quality mining trailers available. Felks is a proven name in the trailer business, with over 50 years in the game, and a long list of industrial clients.

Our lead time for these builds is approximately 4-6 weeks, however, this can vary depending on requirements and other factors eg. galvanising time frames, pre existing orders etc.

Upon purchase order, our engineer, Vaughan Felk, will draft the design specifications into the 3D modelling drafting programme SolidWorks. We find this process works well, as our clients can visualise the trailer and review functionality prior to manufacturing and make any adjustments necessary.

FELKS pride themselves on communication, we are honest with our advice, pricing, timeframes and expectations. You will be kept informed at all times and have our support for the years of ownership.

Want FELKs to Manufacture your Cone Hole Saver Trailer?

We offer:

  • Australian engineers
  • Australian steel
  • A full 3 year warranty
  • Superb project management
  • Ongoing support
  • We care about your mining sites’s productivity and safety


When people choose to partner with FELKS. They’re paying for a trailer, but they’re receiving over half a century of design refinements that result in a trailer that is head and shoulders above anything else on the market.

Get it right the first time, contact Felk Engineering today.