FELK Tiny House Trailers

FELK Engineering manufacture well-engineered trailers for tiny houses.

This is a common request. We manufacture tiny house trailers of GVM’s up to 4500kg, which is our largest model.

For those planning a tiny house build, and your current payload is near your planned GVM limit, if your budget permits – we encourage you to obtain a GVM rating above your current requirements. People may add heavy items (i.e. furniture or water) to their tiny house, so it would be best to accommodate for this future need.

We are able to perform certifications for tiny house trailers. These certifications include E-Safety Inspections (pink slips), blue slips as well as VSCCS certifications.

Tiny House Trailer FAQ

  • What information do I need to prepare for FELK Engineering to manufacture a tiny house trailer for me?

    The proposed length, width, height, weight & budget.
    At the time of writing, the current permissible maximum on NSW roads for:

    • Width for a vehicle is 2.5mtrs
    • Height for a vehicle is 4.3mtrs
    • Length for a vehicle is 19mtrs including tow vehicle
    • Distance from rear of the trailer to the centre of axle group is 3.7mtrs. This is why the heavy construction build items are located at the rear of the trailer.

    When designing a tiny house, all heavy item areas such as Kitchens, bathroom, battery packs & water tanks should be located at the rear of the trailer. The reason for this is to get the axle back as far as possible so our ball weight is compliant and your rear overhang will not impede driveway entry and exit from service stations or service centres.

    Our trailers are the highest quality available, so they would be suited to purchasers who are planning for the long term, and would prefer to buy right.

  • There may be communication required between the tiny house manufacturer and FELK. What communication process can I use to benefit FELK?

    Please provide us with the primary contact from the house manufacturer.

    Two teams working together is better than a client in the middle.

    Our focus is to work in a collaborative, professional manner to achieve the best results for the client.

  • Can you outline a tiny house project FELK have completed?

    We were approached by an Australian traveller who was hoping to build a tiny house setup that would be reliable and could handle the harsh Australian roads.

    She engaged us to build a 3500kg GVM trailer, which was adequate for her requirements at the time.

    After a year of use – she greatly enjoyed the mobile lifestyle and planned upgrades to her house. The upgrades would increase vehicle weight significantly.

    She engaged us to perform a GVM upgrade modification, from 3500kg to 4500kg – which was an ideal, effective solution to her situation.

    The trailer has since been in use for over 18 months, travelling all over Australia. The client is extremely happy with the tiny house trailer – and so are we.

  • Can you service these with the house on the trailer?

    Yes, we are able to service these with the tiny house on the trailer.

Tiny House Trailer Pricing

Prices are indicative and exclude on-road costs.

Starting price is $11,000 excluding on-road costs for a “Tandem axle 7.2m X 2.4m 3500KG GVM in Dura Gal steel”

Note the following options:

Upgrade to 4.5 tonne GVM (Tri-axle) + $4,400
Upgrade to 4.5 tonne GVM (Dual axle)+ $7,898
Upgrade to “Hot dipped galvanized” + $2,750
Changes to the size (Per meter) + $1,100
Custom posts / pillars / joists + $TBA

Please contact our office should you have any questions / queries.

Tiny House Height

The average height of a Tiny House Trailer from the ground to the base or platform of the trailer is approximately 750mm.

Note: Height will vary based on wheel sizes. I.e. 13″ (used in this example), 14″ or 15″ wheel complete.