FELK Dolly / Gypsy Trailers

Dolly trailers (also known as Gypsy trailers) are designed to tow small vehicles behind motorhomes. They are suitable for those who want to tow their small car, park the motorhome at the Caravan Park and then use their car for sightseeing. They are designed for front wheel drive (FWD) cars.

The beauty of a Dolly/Gypsy trailer is that Caravan Parks usually don’t have any room for a car float, however, these small trailers use very little space and don’t attract extra site fees.

Dolly or Gypsy trailers attach to the motorhome like any other trailer. The coupling attaches to the tow ball, safety chains are connected from the drawbar to the vehicle. There is an auxiliary plug to connect to the car to synchronise the lights between all three vehicles (motorhome, trailer & car).

To unload and load the Dolly must be connected to the motorhome. The ramps are then placed in position and the car is then driven on or off the turntable. Dolly / Gypsy trailers must have a turntable to operate.

The car is secured by two ratchet straps, one on each tire. New ratchet straps are included in the purchase of a FELK gypsy trailer.

Read this article to learn how FELK Gyspy Trailers perform in the harshest terrain!

GVM ratings available: 1200kg

Wheel size: 13”

Coupling type: Mechanical Override

Brake Type: Mechanical override disc brakes. However, we can upgrade to electric brakes if required. (no breakaway)


Spare wheel
Tie-down straps
Swing up jockey wheel

Important Note

NOTE: Dolly / Gypsy Trailers are defined in NSW as a Lift and Tow Trailer. Felk Engineering manufacture these trailers Australia wide for a variety of different clientèle i.e. Tow truck drivers, Car collectors, Motor home travelers etc.

Felk Engineering recommends contacting the relevant road authority for information on potential legislative limitations / speed restrictions that may apply to you and/or this category of trailer.

NSW legislation can be found here: https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/sl-2014-0758#sec.294-1

Dolly Trailer Pricing

$5,478 + on road costs

Our Gypsy Trailers are very popular and sighted all around Australia,

Please note: Felks does not organise transportation. Transportation needs to be organised by the client directly (Approx. transport dimensions- L: 2000MM, W 2500MM, H 400MM Weight 260KG)

Dolly Trailer FAQ