FELK Box Trailers

FELK Engineering can provide a full in-house registration service. We can also provide customisations such as upgrade springs, axles, addition of ramps, gas bottle and jerry can holders, and more. Just ask us!

Box Trailer Specs

  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Standard sides 360mm (14″)
  • 1.6mm plate floor and sides
  • Super FLAT floor
  • RHS draw bar 1500mm long
  • Ribbed sides for extra strength
  • Removable tailgate
  • New galvanised rims with new light truck tyres
  • Built to RMS specifications
  • Swivel tailgate latch
  • LED lights
  • Protection around lights
  • Tie rails all round
  • Swivel bracket jockey wheel
  • Spare wheel mount fitted
  • Quick release coupling
  • Gusset on mudguards
  • Deflection bars at side of guards
  • Compliance plate
  • 7 pin flat electrical trailer plug
  • Removable mudguards
  • 3 year warranty (back to base)

Box Trailer Pricing

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This is a sample list of the RMS Certified trailers that we sell, however we do have many other combinations. Please feel free to make an enquiry for other sizes or combinations.

BX64 6′ x 4′ 360  N/A 200 750 $2,075
BX74 7′ x 4′ 360 N/A 220 750 $2,347
BX74H 7′ x 4′  520 N/A 240 750 $2,685
BX746 7′ x 4′ 6″ 360 N/A 240 750 $2,691
BX746H 1.4T 7′ x 4′ 6″ 520 Mech Disc 400 1400 $3,622
BX75 7′ x 5′ 360 N/A 280 750 $3,035
BX75H 7′ x 5′  520 N/A 296 750 $3,461
BX75 1.4T 7′ x 5′ 360 Mech Disc 300 1400 $3,633
BX75H 1.4T 7′ x 5′  520 Mech Disc 380 1400 $4,061
BX84H 1.4T 8′ x 4′  520 Mech Disc 360 1400 $4,061
BX85 8′ x 5′ 360 N/A 310 750 $3,485
BX85 1T 8′ x 5′ 360 Mech Disc 320 1000 $3,997
BX85H 1.4T 8′ x 5′  520 Mech Disc 320 1400 $4,508
GCT Golf Cart  N/A N/A 240 750 $2,313
BX85 2T 8′ x 5′  360 Mech Disc 380 2000 $4,844
BX85H 2T 8′ x 5′  520 Mech Disc 400 2000 $5,270
BX95H 2T 9′ x 5′  520 Mech Disc 600 2000 $5,710
BX106 2T 10′ x 6′ 360 Mech Disc 500 2000 $6,192

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Box Trailer FAQ

  • What is the most common option?


  • Can I modify my box trailer later on with any option?

    Typically yes, the majority of modifications are available after the trailer has been manufactured. Commonly, cages, spare wheels and anything else external to the chassis can be upgraded.

    There are a few exceptions to this, so please, let us know about any long term considerations and we’ll help you.

  • Should I get a box trailer bigger than my current requirements to future-proof the purchase?

    We do not recommend people purchase a trailer that exceeds their requirements.

    The larger the class of the trailer, the more expensive it is to register.

    Our staff are happy to help you identify a FELK model that will be viable for you in the long term.

  • How regularly should I get my box trailer serviced?

    Approximately every 12 months or before any long distance drives.

    However, this time could be shorter or longer depending on the frequency of use.

  • How do I select the right box trailer for my needs?

    We recommend consulting the FELK team.

    We’ll ask you what will you be using the trailer for, what features are important to you, how much weight you will be loading into the trailer and then the team can direct you to the most suitable trailer for your needs.

    There are many different ways that people use their trailer. We try and multipurpose as much as possible to maximize the benefit for the client. For example, people may want a trailer that can perform tip runs and double as a kayak rack on the weekend.

    So we would recommend them a trailer to match these requirements by adding a set or racks to carry the kayak or adding a cage to increase volume capacity for lighter loads such as moving furniture.

  • What tyre pressure should I use for my box trailer?

    Approximately 45 PSI is the average pressure required for the weight of the loaded boat and the capacity of the light truck tyres.

  • Are FELK cages removable?

    Yes, they are removable, just not easily removable and require a spanner. There are two bolts on each side and the cage will come apart in 4 pieces for easy handling and storage. Our cages are built to offer maximum longevity.

  • How thick is the floor plate?

    Our standard floor plate is 1.6mm.

    We also offer a 2mm floor plate, however, unless your works are extremely heavy-duty (i.e. brickwork or landscaping), a 1.6mm will suffice.

    2mm is rarely necessary and only required if there is heavy impact or heavy point loading.

  • Is it worth getting a checker plate finish?

    No. The exception would be if it’s a workplace health and safety issue where you will be walking in the trailer.

    Generally speaking, smooth floors can be easier to work with and easier to clean (i.e shovelling sand & materials flow easier).

    Checker plate is more prone to abrasions and this is evident if you are shovelling material out of the trailer, as the tip of the shovel will dig into the checker plate and compromise the galvanised finish.

  • Do you offer an open-topped cage and a full cage?

    Yes. Standard box trailer cages have three sides, a swinging rear gate and an open top.

    This is suitable for most people. Additionally, there is an option to put metal bows/rods over the top of the cage enabling it to take a waterproof canvas cover. Felks do not sell the canvas covers.

    We also offer a mesh cage top roofing for heavier security.

  • When would I need high sides?

    These are for people who are going to fit a camper top, camping gear and most bulky items. High sides offer more support inside the box.

    Talk to our staff about your requirements as a load of sand is very different and heavier than camping equipment.