FELK Slipway Trolley Trailers

Our slipway trolleys are used by customers with waterfront properties, allowing people to easily launch and retrieve the boat from the water. The trolleys are usually run on rails, however, we can also design these using pneumatic wheels for concrete ramps that have no rails.

They are compatible with the following boat types:

  • Speedboats
  • Dinghies
  • Twin hull
  • & more


We have been manufacturing slipway trolleys for over fifty years. Serving the Lake Macquarie community, there has been a high demand with all the sailing, fishing and leisure that occurs!

Our slipway trailers are all made with quality marine grade Aluminium or hot-dipped galvanised steel. We pride ourselves on ensuring safety & longevity for those using our products.

Slipway Trolleys are minus all the “onroad features” like lights, jockey wheels, springs, brakes etc as these trailers are intended to be left on private properties, hence they require minimal maintenance.

Our slipway trolleys come with four wheels, either train wheels or pneumatic wheels, skids or rollers, depending on the depth of your waterfront.

Guideposts are often used and are designed to help keep the boat centre on the trolley when retrieving.

The slipway trolley comes with a bow post and manual winch – allowing people to easily retrieve their boat. Most people are happy with a manual winch on a deep water ramp, as the boat will float right up to the bow post anyway, so you only have to winch it a couple of inches.

To winch the trolley with the boat, up the ramp and into the boat shed, you may opt to buy a 240V electric winch as well.

Slipway trolleys are not registerable and cannot be used on roads.

Information about your Boat, Ramp & Shed

It is important to know the details of your boat (size, type, materials, if it has a keel), the ramp and also the dimensions of the door to the boat shed.

Please provide us with the width of the rail tracks you are using or ramp.

The elevation measurement and length of the ramp from the water line to the door of the shed is essential to the design.

The weight and length of the boat are also important, as it will help determine the weight needed for the trolley in order to hold the boat without any issues. It is also important to let the team know the material your boat is made of, whether it is aluminium, fibreglass or wood etc so that they can ensure you receive the ideal multi roller rollers or skid setup.

Multi-roller or skid set up?

The slipway trolley can be made with either. In the majority of cases, only skids are required as the water is usually quite deep on most waterfronts.

In the case where the launch is difficult due to low water levels ie. where the trolley does not quite fully submerge, hence the boat does not float straight off the trolley, multi-rollers are the better option. With detailed information regarding the depth of water at the end of your ramp at low tide, we will be able to assess which system is more suitable.

Maintenance for Slipway Trolleys

The maintenance of slipway trolleys is similar to that of a standard trailer.

Each time you use it, simply rinse it down with freshwater and ensure that the trolley is fully washed down to keep it in good working order.

Slipway Trolleys May Be Able to be used for Multiple Boats, Depending on Size

In some cases where the upgrade is of similar size, we can use the same trolley for a new boat, however, it does depend on the size and weight difference between the two boats.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you.

If it is a big difference, then it will be necessary to purchase a Slipway trolley that will suit the needs of the new boat.

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Slipway Trolley Trailer Pricing

The below pricing is for a guide only, pricing will vary based on clients final requirements / dimensions, boat size, boat hull shape and boat weight.

Slipway trolley with skids, hot dipped galvanized, to suit boats upto 3.8m = $3,800
Slipway trolley with skids, hot dipped galvanized to suit boats upto 4.8m = $4,800
Slipway trolley with skids, hot dipped galvanized to suit boats upto 5.8m = $6,300
Slipway trolley with skids, hot dipped galvanized to suit boats upto 6.8m = $7,800

  • Slipway trolley wheels (not included)
  • Guideposts can be added for $500 (pair)
  • Standard skids are wood with Teflon strip, other options are available (carpet / solid plastic) at an additional cost.
  • All slipway trolleys are to be collected from Felk Engineering- 54 Medcalf St Warners Bay NSW 2282

Please contact our office should you have any questions / queries