FELK Aluminium Boat Trailers

Aluminium boat trailers are designed to offer the maximum longevity and are used for high-end, no compromise setups. In a FELK model, both the chassis and cross members are aluminium.

FELK Engineering has been manufacturing aluminium trailers since 2014. The chassis is bolted together in sections, which allows for easier maintenance and repair (if damaged) over the life of the trailer.

Aluminium trailers are purchased by those looking for an extremely long-lasting trailer and are often paired with new boats so the trailer lasts the life of the boat. These trailers are usually the first choice for professional fisherman and sailors.

We source marine-grade aluminium from reputable Australian suppliers. The compound is specifically designed for marine environments.

Aluminium VS Galvanised Trailers

You may have read that FELK predominantly sells hot-dipped-galvanised trailers. We are often asked, “If your hot-dipped galvanised model is already good, what advantages are there upgrading to an aluminium model?”.

Put simply, both are extremely high-end products. It’s like comparing business and first-class flights, both are extremely good and a cut above economy options.

  • The average hot-dipped-galvanized trailer should last 15 years
  • The average aluminium trailer will easily surpass 20-25 years
  • Both hot dipped galvanised and aluminium are much better than powder-coated or painted trailers

Advantages of Aluminium

  • They last an extremely long time
  • Marginally lighter (can obtain a lighter GVM rating during rego)
  • Aluminium is a non-corrosive alloy (high corrosion resistance in marine environments)

Disadvantages of Aluminium

  • Higher initial cost (however, can pay itself back a few times over with the longer life expectancy)
  • Lower impact strength, not suitable for all applications (i.e. regular offroad use)

Aluminium trailers will still require maintenance and ongoing servicing.

As mentioned, they are very strong, yet aren’t suitable for high-impact use, which is why we do not sell Aluminium versions of box trailers, tipping trailers etc.

Aluminium Boat Trailer Pricing

Please see the below table to view our current price list.

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BTRA2114T3 7.0m  (23′) 14″ Elec Hyd 2 500 3000 $11,916

All prices include 10% GST. Registration is not included. ** Prices are current as at 15th Jan 2019 and are subject to change without notice **
FELK Engineering can provide full in house registration services.

The material for aluminium trailers is much more expensive than the steel used in our galvanised models, hence they are marginally more expensive.

Aluminium Boat Trailer FAQ


Why Choose Felk Engineers?

For our customers that have high-end boats, they often want to pair this with the best quality trailers on the Australian market.

In fact, one customer, who was a local professional fisherman, was so happy with his purchase he invited Felks to a day out fishing!

To date, we’ve never had an unsatisfied customer or complaint about our aluminium boat trailers.

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