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A tilt tray modification means to enable the trailer tray to hinge upwards, allowing the payload to be easily unloaded. Tilt trays are used by people who want to save time and unload a payload in seconds, rather than spending time manually unloading with a shovel.

Our tilt tray modification can be installed and support trailers up to 4.5-tonne GVM.

Tilt trays are a modification available for new trailer builds only. They are not available as a retrofit for existing trailers.

Tilt tray modifications are most commonly used in our tipping trailers, however, tilt trays are also used in our industrial waste trailer. FELKS is capable of custom design trailers, so this modification is essentially available for the majority of our range.

We’ve been manufacturing quality, hot-dipped galvanised industrial trailers from our Warners Bay factory for over 50 years. Our modifications are fully compliant and adhere to Australian standards. FELK strives to deliver the maximum safety and performance for our Australian customers.

This modification can also be combined with various others. We are experienced in partnering with industrial clients to ensure our modifications will last.

About FELK Tilt Tray Modifications

There are two types of tilt trays available:

  • Hydraulic
  • Winch

We most commonly recommend the hydraulic type. It is typically the most expensive, however, offers the best practicality. Do it once, do it right. The hydraulic option is operated by two buttons, which are up and down.

With a hydraulic tilt tray, all the operator needs to do is reverse the trailer towards the unload point, open the tailgate & lock it open, then use the button to send the load into the tip. The hydraulic tilt tray operates on a 12-volt system charged by the tow vehicle while the trailer is attached. We engage a professional company for the hydraulic mechanism (which comes with a warranty – separate to FELKS).

A five-stage hydraulic ram gives you an approx 60-degree angle of tilt.

We also aim to over-engineer the tilting mechanism. So if the trailer we are building is 3.5 tonne GVM, we would install a ram capable of 8-tonne capacity.

A winch type tilt is another option. This is cheaper in price. This may be chosen by someone looking to save a bit of cash and perhaps isn’t using the tilting feature too often to warrant the additional expense.

Upgrading Tilt Mechanisms

FELK also modifies and upgrades existing winch and hydraulic tilt trays for clients. This may involve upgrading the suspension, or upgrading the hydraulic system.

All upgrades are performed in house by our skilled and experienced team of engineers, with all safety standards adhered to. We ensure that any hydraulic mechanism we install supports the load rating.

This is typically only an option if the upgrade is highly feasible and the trailer is capable of supporting the upgrade easily.

Investing in a Tilt Tray Trailer

FELK manufactures Tilt Tray trailers in our factory  in a range of GVMs, sizes, and specifications to suit your exact needs. A popular choice of hydraulic tilt tray trailer with the building industry, where the load requirements are significant, is a model with 3,000kg GVM, 8’ x 5’ (2400 x 1500 x 520mm) trailer, which allows a two-tonne payload.

Our knowledgeable team at FELK will advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Want the very best industrial trailers available? Choose FELKS

We started our family business in the 1960s, and since then, have served many industrial clients throughout the Hunter and Australia.

  • We use our own engineers
  • Safety is our number one priority
  • We are capable of delivering custom builds
  • We offer a strong warranty

If you have any queries about our tilt tray modifications, please contact us.