So… why should you choose a Felk?

  • Safety is number one. Safety has always been at the centrepiece of Felk Engineering. We strive to create the safest trailers for Australian roads and the people that travel on them.
  • We have a good warranty. All trailer purchases come with a minimum of a 12 month back to base warranty, plus also provide a limited warranty on parts/and or custom features we include on the trailer. Please refer to the Warranty Manual for more details as some items cannot be covered.
  • We know what we’re doing. Felks is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business that has consistently evolved our engineering to meet new regulations & maximise performance. We estimate we have over 30,000 hours developing our products. That’s why we consider our trailers to be the best in Australia.
  • We deliver the goods on time. We pride ourselves on fulfilling orders on time. We regularly service large businesses ordering large volumes of trailers at a time. Felks believe there is no customer “too small to matter”, so you can expect your trailer or job will receive the same attention to detail as any other job. Do it once and do it right.
  • We use the best components. We partner with other Australian businesses to source our components locally. We understand to make the best trailer possible, we must use the best products available. Combined with our quality assurance testing, we’re confident in the materials and workmanship behind each trailer we make.
  • We build custom orders. We’ve made trailers for the Australian Defence Force, Australia Post, NSW Juvenile Justice, Lake Macquarie City Council plus large mining companies just to name a few. Please view our Custom page for more details. Felk Engineers are skilled in the use of AutoCAD and regularly work with clients to conceptualise custom trailers. We’re here to help you meet and exceed your long term goals for the trailer.
  • We are local. We’ve been servicing Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and regional NSW for over 50 years. We’ve made partnerships with many Australian businesses, taken their feedback on board and evolved for half a century. It quite common to see our older generation trailers still getting around Newcastle, and this only reaffirms our motto – “good looking and tough, must be a Felk”.