FELK Golf Cart Trailers

Golf Cart trailers have been specifically designed for the use of transporting golf carts to a destination. FELK Engineering has been manufacturing golf cart trailers for over 10 years. Our models have a self tilting feature to assist in ease of loading and unloading. The trailer has a low center of gravity to keep the height down for parking in garages.

Felk Engineering Golf Cart Trailer

felk engineering golf cart trailer ramps in lowered position

A hinging ramp system is lightweight and easy for the user to lower and lift back up into a transport position.

Please view this video to see a demonstration of the tilt and ramp system, noting this is the first time this staff member has ever tried to load a golf cart onto a trailer.

Our cart trailers are equipped with an array of tie down points so the payload can be safely secured to the trailer while in transport.

Don’t make it a mulligan, make a hole in one and consider a FELK Golf Cart Trailer!

Golf Cart Trailer FAQ

Should I get a Golf Cart trailer larger than my current requirements?

Most likely, no. Cart measurements are quite standard.

We base ours off a 2400mm long by 1230mm wide base which suits all standard two seater models.

The exception would be, if you are considering a double row of seats or luxury model cart, in this case, you would get a custom model.

How is the cart fitted to the trailer?

Using a tie down strap (min 40mm) over the floor of the cart and then secured to the tie down rails on the other side.

Should I apply the handbrake of the cart?

Yes, if the cart is not designed with an automatic brake. Always use the hand-brake regardless to increase safety.

Can you manufacture a trailer that carries more than two carts?

Yes. This would be a custom solution so please contact us with your inquiry.

Can I multi-purpose a FELK golf cart trailer to double as a box trailer?

Yes, depending on your purpose. Golf cart trailers do have lower sides so they would only suit smaller jobs. There are tie rails both sides and a full 1.6mm floor.