FELK Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers are a custom solution which provides a large amount of internal space and protect the payload with external walls. The most common uses are to carry luggage, cargo, camping gear and sports equipment.

We engineer enclosed trailers for all professions

FELK Engineering has been manufacturing enclosed trailers for over 50 years. Being a custom solution, we take time with our customers to ensure we manufacture the trailer to match their needs. From doors to ramps, windbreak to internal racking, windows, electrical or solar, etc, Felks will tailor make a trailer to achieve your desired aesthetics.

Manufactured with a GVM from 750kg through to 4.5 tonne

The finished product is a fully roadworthy enclosed trailer designed and manufactured under the Australian Design Rules (ADR).

FELK enclosed trailers come with a full warranty and are manufactured to the highest quality. When well maintained, they can last decades, which is why our clients see them as an investment, not an expense.

We strive to combine practical operation and robust quality.

Enclosed Trailer FAQ

Do they have poor aerodynamic performance?

Not necessarily, they have a similar aerodynamic performance to any other ‘rectangle’ shaped vehicles like buses or trucks.

The aerodynamics can be improved by using a windbreak nose cone at the front of the trailer. This feature will also have the added benefit of providing more storage space over the drawbar section, without increasing the overall length of the trailer. These are often required by people who are intending to perform long-distance highway driving.

Where should the access points (doors/windows) be?

There is an access point at the rear. This access typically uses a lift up door or a fold-down ramp, both gas strut assisted, or alternatively a standard side hinged door.

The next most popular choice would be an access door on the left-hand side front panel. This door gives easy access to both the front and rear section of the internal storage. We can install multiple side doors that can be opened from either the inside or outside.

When future proofing the trailer, what should I consider?

To buy it once, and buy it right.

Plan your prospective goal:

  • Overall internal space including height
  • Access points
  • Tie down points
  • Internal lighting
  • Solar

It’s much easier to get these features installed from the start than retrofitting.

Do all of your enclosed trailers come with an access ramp?

No. Ramps are not installed by default. This is a decision for the client.

Can you install roof racks for me?

Yes, we can install racks onto the trailer for various applications.