FELK Car Float Trailers

Felk Engineering manufactures blue-label car float trailers for both the public and private sectors in Australia. A car float trailer is specifically designed to support the haulage of individual vehicles, such as cars, 4WDs etc.

We are technically able to manufacture these up to 4500kg GVM, however, since individual cars typically maximum weight is around 2500kg, our most popular models are the 3,000kg and 3,500kg GVM options, people typically do not require anything smaller or larger than these.

FELK Car Float Trailer Specifications

The figures below are based on the average build, please note, modifications and other factors may change these. Please consult our office if you have further questions.

  • Average length of trailer bed: 4700mm
  • Average width of trailer bed: 2000mm
  • Average size of drawbar: 1500mm
  • Average height from ground to trailer bed: 450mm
  • Average ramp length: 1600mm
  • Average ramp width: 400mm
  • Average ramp weight capacity: 800kg
  • Legal: Overall length of the vehicle and trailer combination including its load must not be more than 19m
  • Legal: Overall length must not exceed 2500mm outside guard to outside guard

FELK Car Float Pricing

Starting price is $8,500 excluding on-road costs for a “Hot dipped galvanized 4.7m X 2.0m Car Float- 2000kg GVM

FELK Car Float Optional Upgrades

  • Upgrade from 2000KG to 3000KG GVM- $1,200
  • Upgrade from 2000KG to 3500KG GVM-  $2,000
  • Changes to the size (Per meter) + $500
  • Changes to the size (Per meter) + $1,000 (Full floor)
  • Full floor (Mesh/Checker)- $1,000
  • Full ramps (Mesh / Checker)- $380
  • Beavertail- $500
  • Electric winch mount: $350
  • Tie down rails all round: $400
  • Jerry can holder: $80
  • Electric winch: Client to BYO

All prices quoted are including gst and are subject to change without notice.

Car Float Trailer FAQ