FELK BBQ Trailers

A BBQ trailer is essentially an enclosed trailer that is designed to transport one or more barbecues on the road so our clients can cook from them. FELK Engineering makes high-quality BBQ trailers with a focus on safety and functionality.

These are a great option for people looking for a transportable kitchen to feed people on a large scale. They are very popular among charity organisations, sporting groups and volunteer organisations.

Our BBQ trailers are typically sold as a 1,400kg GVM model with mechanical override brakes.

Our BBQ trailers are a great promotional tool, but more importantly, they bring a lot of happiness to the community.

Key Features of FELK BBQ Trailer Features

As mentioned, our main priority is client safety. We also create solutions that are highly functional. We understand our clients want to set up and cook quickly.

  • Underneath storage for tables/fold-up umbrellas
  • Provision for gas bottle holders
  • Slide out BBQ rail (so smoke is primarily emitted into the atmosphere opposed to inside the trailer enclosure)
  • Gas strut assisted doors that open to 90degrees to further increase ventilation and prevent the build up of heat
  • The trailer is lockable to secure the contents
  • Main chassis is made of steel which is then hot-dipped galvanized and the enclosure is made with aluminium

It is important to note that these trailers are highly customisable. We are able to engineer BBQ trailers with options:-

  • Varying amounts of BBQs & gas bottle holders (2 is the norm)
  • A partition wall to separate the cook-tops from the gas-bottle provisions
  • Drawers
  • Mesh grills
  • Space for Eskys fridges with power
  • Internal shelvings for cutlery

Please contact our office to discuss your requirements and our staff will help you design an appropriate solution for your long term needs.

Your Input Customising the BBQ Trailer

To make the project faster and more streamlined, it would be helpful if you could draft your ideal trailer as best as possible. Please let us know

  • What side you would like the BBQ(s) on, in most cases, the left side is preferred so that when you pull over on the side of the road, you can cook from the street-side opposed to the road-side. Most clients put 2x BBQs on the left side
  • Your BBQ product type. So we know the size and dimension of the shelving we need to make
  • The amount of gas bottle provisions you would like
  • Any items you require storage for

Helpful Information About BBQ trailers

Please note. FELKS are not accredited to carry out any gas or 24volt electrical work. This work is done by professionals in those fields and comes with certification. We simply allow provisions for the electrical/gas features.

FELKS prefer customers to source products, such as barbecues, esky fridges etc

FEKS do not hire out BBQ trailers. Please contact a different company if you are looking to rent a trailer.

We make our trailers to be highly accessible. Clients should be able to pressure wash the internal and dry their BBQ trailer.

Why Choose Felk Engineering?

While barbecues are a lot of fun, we take our job seriously. We approach each and every custom project with the same attention to detail. Please note

  • Our BBQ trailers are highly-modifiable. You can request features such as a toolbox and more
  • We are an Australian company with accredited Australian engineers
  • We have received a lot of good feedback from our clients regarding this model
  • We are here to support our clients in the long term

To start your custom BBQ project, please contact us. You’re in good hands at FELKs.