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FELK Drawbar Replacements

With a 50-year track record, and fully ADR compliant, we have become the go-to service provider in Warners Bay and across NSW for replacements and modifications of drawbars on both trailers and caravans.

FELK is known for high-quality trailers made from Australian steel, which is then hot dipped galvanised, so repairing our own drawbars is extremely rare. Hot dipped galvanising coats both internal and external surfaces.

We are predominantly repairing drawbars from other manufacturer’s trailers and caravans.

Why drawbars need to be replaced

Drawbars are primarily damaged due to either rust, wear and tear from forces, or a combination of both.

Caravans are particularly vulnerable to fatigue or rust causing issues with drawbars. Rust typically starts inside of the drawbar, as the steel of other trailers is rarely hot dipped galvanised.  Over time, the rust spreads and leads to deterioration of the drawbar. As many people own caravans for a long period of time, rust is a common issue. It is also a hard issue to detect and be aware of for the everyday owner, as the rust is internal in most cases and not noticed until it becomes visible externally.

The A section where the drawbar marries up to the chassis is exposed to force from constant flexing on our great Aussie roads. Over time, this may cause cracks in the steel. This is commonly the case for box and plant trailers that are repeatedly carrying heavy loads.

In other cases, people simply wish to replace their drawbar as a modification, allowing them to achieve greater GVM ratings, install a swing away drawbar, install a drawbar extension or even fit a toolbox at the front of their trailer.

Assessment and replacement

Our engineering team will thoroughly inspect all caravans or trailers for wear or rust before supplying you with a replacement or repair cost estimate.

If a drawbar needs replacing, FELK engineers will typically over-engineer the replacement. So for example, if a 75mm x 50mm requires replacement, we may opt for a 100mm x 50mm solution.

The vast majority of the time, the replacement is re-welded to the chassis. If the trailer uses a bolted on drawbar, we would reuse the existing attachment points on the main chassis.

The coupling can be reused if it is a model that adheres to Australian Standards, and the brake actuator (if fitted) is removed and then reinstalled.

If electricals show signs of wear, we will replace these also, but otherwise, the existing electricals will be re-threaded back through the new drawbar. Brake lines are predominantly threaded externally to the drawbar.

In most cases, we use hot-dipped galvanised steel, we use this material on all trailer types, including Aluminium trailers (Aluminium is not a suitable material for the drawbar sections as it doesn’t fare well with fatigue).

FELKs will also make adjustments to any bow-post or winch that are required if the specification of the drawbar is changed.

Timeframes to replace drawbars

We understand that being unable to use your caravan or trailer for leisure or work can be frustrating and inconvenient. The FELK team of engineers have replaced hundreds of drawbars in our 50 years of business operation. Time frame will be determined by workload and type of draw bar required.

Why choose FELK Engineering?

You can have peace of mind that any repair or modification performed by FELK includes top quality materials and a commitment to putting our customers’ safety first.

  • We use our own engineers
  • We are a local, family-owned company
  • We are a one-stop shop – from repairs to modifications and more
  • We take great pride in our workmanship

If you have any queries about drawbar replacements or wish to book your caravan or trailer into our workshop, feel free to contact us.