The crossmember is a curved metal bar that supports the weight of the boat and houses the rollers and fittings of the trailer. It spans between the left and right chassis rails. Boat trailers can have a number of crossmembers and they are a vital part of boat trailer and should be inspected regularly for rust and cracks. Rust mostly occurs in the centre of the cross member where the water accumulates inside, near the drain hole.

Crossmembers that are neglected (not washed out thoroughly) are susceptible to rust damage.

Commonly the rear crossmember rusts first, followed by the middle, and then the front. A rust damaged crossmember may end up looking like this:

Note: The above trailer is beyond repair! This is a classic example of when we would advise to look at a new one.


FELK crossmember repair process

FELK Engineering offers crossmember repairs with an objective to restore the trailer back to road worthy condition.

Our process

At our Warners Bay workshop, we perform an overall inspection of the trailer. We ensure the frame hasn’t corroded or rusted on the inside as the existing frame needs to last for years to come to make it financially viable. For crossmembers repairs we pay particular attention to:

  • The frame
  • Front coupling
  • Rear rollers
  • Springs
  • Axles and bearings
  • Brakes

Assuming the trailer frame is sound, we will then remove the old crossmember(s) by cutting it out. We then replace the crossmembers with a newly manufactured hot-dip galvanised crossmember.

We can either weld or bolt the new cross member to the trailer depending on the trailer design. The new hot dipped galvanised crossmember will outlast the existing chassis it is being attached to, assuming it is well maintained.

We provide a 12 month warranty on our workmanship and a discount for customers repairing multiple crossmembers.

The picture below shows replaced crossmembers on an older trailer:

Repairing versus buying new

FELK Engineering pride ourselves on dealing with our clients with honesty and integrity. We are often asked “should we repair the crossmembers or buy a new trailer?”. Safety is our primary motivation at FELK, however we also aim to benefit our clients at all times.

If the rest of the trailer is roadworthy, we will recommend replacement of the crossmembers, rather than the purchase of a new trailer. After performing a thorough assessment, we’ll know which way to direct you.

Considering FELK for your crossmember repairs?

  • We provide obligation free quotes
  • We are able to perform crossmember repairs in a matter of days
  • Our crossmembers are manufactured to offer the best longevity and drainage
  • We audit your entire trailer
  • We are a family run business who values your safety first


Get it right the first time.