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Creating a Custom Boat Trailer for 4WDing Cape York

Felk Engineering has a reputation for building Australia’s toughest trailers. This is backed up by the fact we have several clients that have taken a FELK trailer to Cape York, and back again!

We were recently engaged by a traveller to build a custom trailer that would enable him to take his boat on extensive camping trips, with the running gear to tackle harsh roads, as well as modifications to support his camping activities.

Client Requirements

The client was heavily involved in the design of his build, and provided us with several diagrams for us to conceptualise his vision. The client went into detail about:

  • Mounting locations of the shark catamaran hulls
  • All dimensions
  • Addition of an external shelf for cooking/fish preparation
  • Double toolbox at the front of the drawbar
  • Roll out awning (client supplied)
  • H Racks with fixed fold out camping tent on top
  • Provisions for ladders, plus other equipment
  • 2,000kg GVM
  • Combined multi roller & skid setup


Building for Offroad Use

All new FELK trailers are suitable for registered roads, however we are regularly contacted by 4WD enthusiasts that request a trailer that is suitable for “spirited adventures”. We recommend to upgrade the running gear which is namely:

  • Upgraded coupling
  • Upgraded springs
  • Larger wheels, axles
  • Adding recovery points
  • Larger chassis rails to take the pounding and twisting of the offroad conditions
  • Upgraded winch


Feedback from the Client

The client said they were very happy with the end result, and happy to find a local trailer manufacturer that they could work with.

FELKS is very happy to receive feedback, as we see feedback as an opportunity for improvement.

FELK Engineering – Get it Right the First Time!

FELKS has a long history of providing boat trailers,  heavy duty box trailers, specific camping trailers, and other custom solutions.

  • Our engineers are qualified
  • We are Australian owned and operated
  • We provide a warranty with all new trailer builds
  • We offer great after-sales service, modifications, repairs and more


To start your trailer build with FELKS, please use our contact page and let us know your requirements for the prospective trailer.