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FELK Engineering was Contacted by a Mining Contractor

This project took place in late 2020.

The client was looking for a top of the line, robust solution that would be adequate for the long term, heavy-duty usage on various industrial sites.

The client was well-researched and was clear about their objectives by working with us.

FELKs has a reputation for Australian, true-blue products, and we were chosen as the manufacturer of these two particular mining spec generator trailers.

Client Requirements

The client asked us for:

  • 1 x 1,400kg GVM trailer
  • 1x 3,500kg GVM trailer
  • Provisions for generator payload (weight, length, width, height, secure points)
  • For use on: both registered roads and private use onsite that was described as harsh and undulating
    Emphasis on durability

After clarifying specifications through our standard procedures, we began construction on the trailers.

Felk Input to the Project

FELKs understands that our trailers are assets to businesses.

As such, we safeguard our client’s purchasing decisions by providing advice and guidance where it is needed.

In this case, it was information about the mounting of the generators. This task would be performed at the client’s site. We were able to communicate and be precise about the bolt-down provisions to secure the generators.

We also provided recommendations on what to do, should the client wish to have these provisions changed in the event a generator model was replaced.

Why FELK was Chosen

The client originally found us online and took their due diligence while choosing a trailer manufacturer. They said they felt comfortable choosing FELKs because

  • We employ qualified engineers
  • We source the best materials
  • We adopt a forward-thinking approach
  • We already have decades of experience
  • Our quality of workmanship is above and beyond

Delivery Time Frame

This project took us approximately 8 weeks to complete, from the first phone call to rollout.

The trailers were fully ADR compliant when leaving our Warner’s Bay factory and include a three-year warranty.

We are proud to deliver solutions to sole traders and small to large businesses. While 2 trailers is a small order, there is no customer too small to matter.

We look forward to supporting our client through our warranty period and beyond.

Ready to Work with FELK Engineering?

FELK Engineering is an expert trailer manufacturer, with a long history of delivering trailers to electrical, mining and other heavy industries.

  • We are Australian owned and operated
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Our new trailers are ADR compliant
  • We have clear and professional communication

To start your project with us, please use our contact page to get in touch.